Monday 29 January 2018 | 12:47 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Senior In National Army To Qasioun: What Happened In Olive Branch Is Just A Beginning

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    Aleppo (Qasioun) – The Military spokesman of the 3rd corps in the Syrian opposition’s National army, Brigadier Mohammed Hamadin said that what happened in the Olive Branch operation is just a beginning.


    During an exclusive interview with Qasioun News Agency, he pointed out that their target is “Clearing the whole area from the gangs of PKK terror gangs” adding that there would be possibilities to open new fronts.


    He added “their prior targets to liberate the cities and towns to return the displaced people who reached 250,000 displaced” pointing to the importance of “liberating the kurds and arabs in Afrin from the PKK terror rule”


    Noteworthy that Syrian opposition factions could capture Bursaya mountain and Maarin and Qastal Jando areas, in the Olive Branch operation’s 8th day that launched on January 20, backed up by the Turkish armed forces.


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