The Latest Statics For Syrian Refugees In Turkey

Agencies (Qasioun) – The Turkish Immigration department announced that number of Syrian refugees living inside Turkey raised to 3,424,000 Syrian refugees.


The statics indicates that Istanbul city hosts 537,829 Syrian refugees and came as the city number one for hosting refugees, while Sanliurfa city hosts 462,961 Syrian refugees and ranked in the second position, followed by Hatay city that hosts 457,000 Syrian refugees and Gaziantep city hosts 350,000, Mersin 191,000 refugees and Adana 171,000, in addition to Bursa, Kilis, Izmir and Konya cities.


The statics indicated that the biggest number of refugees are from the youths, where the number of youths reached 2,461,000 Syrian refugees (under 29-years-old) while the number of children aged from one month till 4-years-old reached 515,000 refugees.


The ministry announced on Sept. 2017 that number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reached 3,200,000 Syrian refugees.