Monday 22 January 2018 | 11:51 AM Damascus Local Time
  • 20 Suffocation Cases Among Civilians After Bombing Douma City Eastern Damascus With Chlorine

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    Rif Dimashq (Qasioun) – 20 Civilians were suffering suffocation cases on Monday’s dawn after the Syrian regime forces launched missiles carrying chlorine gas and targeted Douma city in Rif Dimashq province.


    Medical sources asserted that missiles targeted the western neighborhoods of the city, while the Syrian regime forces returned to bombard the area again with artillery bombs also carrying chlorine gas.


    The villages and towns in Sieged Eastern Ghouta area witnessing intensive shelling with artillery and dozens of daily airstrikes, as the Syrian opposition factions advancing near Tanks brigade around Harasta city.


    Noteworthy that Syrian regime used Chlorine gases dozens of times in Eastern Ghouta area, the recent attack targeted Balalya front, which is an engagement line between the Syrian opposition and regime forces.


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