Saturday 6 January 2018 | 1:47 PM Damascus Local Time
  • So-Called Salvation Government Orders To Shut Several Faculties In Aleppo Free University

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    (Qasioun) – Several faculties including the Information Technology and Technical institution followed to Aleppo Free University were ordered to close by an order from the so-called Syrian Salvation government.


    An academic, who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity due to security concerns, reported that The government claimed that the order was released to protect the academics and students from the aerial bombardment.



    He said “Academics and students realized that the order came as a punishment for all the university who demonstrated against the newly positioned chief by the Syrian salvation government”


    “Later, Students went to the university and demonstrated in front of the closed doors of the university, and suddenly HTS security guards for the university began shooting in the air to distribute the students and spread fear among them” he stressed.



    The academic asserted that academics decided to give their courses beginning of tomorrow in front of the university “in the streets”, asserting that “nothing can stop in front of our wills”


    Moreover, A student who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity for security concerns “the order came from the so-called Syrian Salvation government newly positioned chief Ibrahim Al-Hamood, and prevented the students and academics from entering the buildings”


    The student added “There is a guy taking orders from Hamood, he is an HTS member and told us he is the guards Emir (Arabic acronym for chief) and threatened any student who will enter the building that he will conduct Jihad against him”

    The students of Aleppo Free University wrote on the walls of the building’s fences “Here is Aleppo Free University not Hama fronts” and “The Road to the fighting fronts not from here”


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