Tuesday 12 December 2017 | 4:43 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian Salvation Government Gives The Syrian Interim Government 72 Hours To Evacuate Their Offices

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    صورة تعبيرية


    Idlib (Qasioun) – The Syrian Salvation government in Idlib province gave 72 hours to evacuate their offices in the Syrian opposition held areas in Syria.


    The Syrian salvation government issued a warning on Tuesday and calling to evacuate all the offices and personal properties, Under penalty of responsibility.

    The statement didn’t reveal the reasons or procedures that will be taken in case of refusal.


    Noteworthy that the members of the constitutional body of the Syrian Conference approved to assign Muhammed Al-Sheikh as the prime minister of the Salvation government formed recently in Idlib province, in addition to 11 other names who were assigned to other ministerial positions.


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