Saturday 2 December 2017 | 5:48 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian Regime Official Call To Respond To Israeli Bombing By Targeting Syrian Opposition-Held Areas

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    (Qasioun) - Faris Shihabi, the member of the Syrian People's Assembly, called on Saturday to fight the Israeli occupation by bombing the Syrian opposition, in response to the bombing carried out by the Israel on the regime's sites near Damascus


    "If Israel in its terrorist armies is in the south of Daraa, the north of Homs, Idlib, the western Aleppo countryside and the eastern Ghouta, will we leave it behind our backs or expel them from our land first?"


    "The best response to Israel is to strike “the devil's army, the army of donkeys and the traitors wherever they are. When we finish these, we are in a much stronger position to respond to the Zionists in Tel Aviv!"


    It is worth mentioning that the Israel had targeted on Saturday a site of the Syrian regime near the area of Alkaswa west of the Syrian capital Damascus.

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