Thursday 30 November 2017 | 3:44 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Yasser Abdulrahim: Assad Must Leave

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    (Qasioun) – The Prominent leader in the Syrian opposition Yasser Abdulrahim said that the Syrian regime president Bashar Al-Assad must leave during the political transition.


    Abdulrahim indicated in a group of tweets that “Assad should represent in front of the International criminal court as a war criminal, so how anyone could trust a dictator whose his forces still bombarding Ghouta and using the chemical weapons?”


    The commander said that they approved to enter in a “Political transitions with the UN because or priorities is to end the Syrian people suffer from the fascist regime” adding that “Syrian regime priorities to keep Assad in power and cover the crimes of killing millions of Syrians and hundreds thousands of detainees, in addition to turning the syrian lands to place for mercenaries to steal its wealth and fortunes”


    Abdulrahim asserted that they “they are involved in the political process if it will topple the criminal regime and representing the head of snake in the court, otherwise we won’t leave our weapon if not achieving the targets of our revolution and save the blood of our martyrs”


    Abdulrahim statements came during the 8th round of negotiations in Geneva that started on 28 Nov. with meeting with the UN special envoy to Syria Staffan De Mistura and Syrian opposition and Syrian regime delegations.


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