Monday 27 November 2017 | 9:55 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Syrian Opposition Says Warns Of Iranian Existence Near The Jordanian Borders

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    Daraa (Qasioun) - Syrian opposition factions in the countryside of Daraa yesterday warned of the beginning of the existence of Iranian and Hezbollah militias in the town of Jadia in the countryside of Daraa, about 30 km from the northern Jordanian border and 25 km from the occupied Golan border.


    Military sources said that "if an Iranian militia advanced towards the strategic hill of Hara, it would be able to overlook the territory of the Kingdom of Jordan."


    The sources added that "military forces stationed in the north of the town of Jadia and a site called Khirbat Kom Akra, and they put many sand bags to strengthen the front lines to facilitate any military operations intended to carry out.

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