Many Civilians Killed In Syrian Regime And US-Led Coalition Bombing On The Countryside Of Deir Ezzour

Deir Ezzour (Qasioun) - about 15 people have been killed in heavy air raids by Russian air force and US-led coalition forces on areas still under ISIS control in the eastern province of Deir Ezzour, local sources said on Thursday.


The sources pointed out that most of the dead were killed by intensive aerial bombardment of the city of Albuqamal and surrounding villages, which are still under the control of ISIS.


The surroundings of the city of Albuqamal witness a large-scale military operation of the Syrian regime and its loyal militias, in order to control the city near the border with Iraq.


It is noteworthy that ISIS recently lost several strategic sites in the province of Deir Ezzour and exactly the city Albuqamal, which is the last strongholds in the province.