Taliban Kills Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers And Police Officers

Agencies (Qasioun) - Perhaps more than 70 Afghan police officers and five soldiers were killed in a series of attacks in southern and western Afghanistan on Monday night and Tuesday, and again the Taliban reportedly used night-vision technology in the attacks, police officials said.


Matiullah Hellal, the spokesman for the police in Kandahar Province, said that 22 police officers were killed and 15 wounded in the latest attacks there overnight, on 15 small police posts in the Maiwand and Zhare districts near the border with Helmand Province. Helmand is a largely Taliban-controlled province, unlike Kandahar.


The attackers were aided, Mr. Hellal said, by “modern weapons like lasers and night-vision goggles,” and in one instance they used a stolen police truck to approach their targets. Similar tactics were described in a Taliban attack the night before, in the western province of Farah.


In the Kandahar ambushes, Mr. Hellal said that none of the posts were captured, and that the police were able to inflict heavy casualties on the Taliban as well.


However, a police official in the area, speaking on condition of anonymity because his account contradicted the official version, said that losses by the police were far worse than announced. He put the number of dead officers at 70, and said the police posts the Taliban attacked, which he said numbered 18, were completely overrun. He said five unit commanders were among the dead.


Source: New York Times