Syrian Militias And Shabbiha Ignoring Law In Aleppo And People Getting Furious

Aleppo (Qasioun) - A media sites close to the Syrian regime yesterday broadcast a picture of a car owned by “Shbaiha” thugs, wandering without numbers in the neighborhoods of Aleppo.


The picture sparked a wide debate on social networking sites, in a major attack on the security chaos and what was described as "walking above the law".


"Here is Aleppo, where the Shabiha are ignoring the law and turning the city into a forest that they can practice their corruption, a car of Shabiyeh without numbers in Aleppo today which they used to make assault people," the websites said.


It should be noted that the authorities of the Syrian regime recently prevented driving cars without numbers, as well as preventing covering car windows, even to the sons of officials and the National Defense Militias.