Monday 6 November 2017 | 6:5 PM Damascus Local Time
  • The Medical Organizations Warn From A Humanitarian Catastrophe In Eastern Ghouta

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    Damascus (Qasioun) - Drug stocks in the eastern Ghouta have been fully implemented, according to the local association of pharmacists working in the area.


    "Due to the lack of certain drugs, the association was obliged to use expired drugs from the non-harmful groups after their expiry, which were with efficiency," says the association


    The association added that there were in the past months several deaths in different diseases due to the loss of medicines, noting the existence of 400 medical cases need to be evacuate outside the Ghouta.


    It is noteworthy that the regime forces impose a suffocating siege on the villages and towns of the eastern Ghouta, in a clear violation of several agreements, recently the Astana agreement, and this inhuman siege led to three deaths of children as a result of malnutrition and drought.

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