Saturday 13 June 2015 | 1:50 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Opposition Forces Launching New Battle For Morik


    (Qasioun)_ Opposition forces, attacked Al-Masasena checkpoint in Western Hama countryside, causing many killed and injured among regime forces, destroying two military vehicles, and seizing many heavy vehicles, in the context of a battle called “Fath Min Allah”

    Moreover, regime destroyed a regime’s tank in the outskirts of Morik city in the Western countryside, killing all the staff inside, and in the contrary, regime’s air forces shelled Latamna city with many strikes, synched with helicopters’ dropping of barrel bombs over Makarba village, with no causalities.

    In a related context, regime shelled with heavy artillery, villages of Ugerebbat area, held by ISIS in the Eastern of Hama countryside. 

    pevçûnالغارات البريطانيةتفجيراتلجنة مصالحةريف الرقة