Sunday 22 October 2017 | 4:54 PM Damascus Local Time
  • Talal Sallo To Qasioun: We Controlled The Omar Oil Field Of East Of Deir Ezzor

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    Deir Ezzour (Qasioun) – Syrian Democratic forces, SDF, took control of Omar oil field east of Deir Ezzour, one of the largest oil fields in Syria.


    The Spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces Talal Salllo told Qasioun that they took control of the whole field, which is one of the largest sources of income to ISIS.


    This came after the crossing of the Khabur river to the eastern bank, and battles with ISIS, leading to the latter's withdrawal to its back areas in the far east of Deir Ezzour.


    It is worth mentioning that the forces of the regime were seeking to control the field, starting from their positions in the village of Diban north of the Euphrates River, and has already announced its fire control on the field.

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