Five Leaders Of HTS Killed By US-Led Coalition Airstrike

Hama (Qasioun) - Media sources close to Haet Tahrir Sham, HTS, said that five of the leaders of HTS were killed by a raid by the US-led coalition in the countryside of Hama.


The sources published the names of the dead (Abu al-Baraa Al-Ordoni, Abu Barra Bassams, Abu Suhaib Halafawi, Abu Tarek Khan, Abu Mujahid Kafr Nabel), without revealing the location of the raid so far.


HTS did not make any official statements or comments about the bombing, as the international coalition aircraft had bombed its headquarters near Babsqa and Sarmada north of Idlib, killing about 25 elements.


It should be noted that the US-led coalition aircraft has not carried out any flights in the north of Syria, since the entry into the region within the agreement to reduce the escalation, and confined raids on the sites of ISIS in eastern Syria.