Friday 6 October 2017 | 12:24 AM Damascus Local Time
  • Video Footage Shows The Battles Between US-Led Coalition And Syrian Regime Near Tanaf

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    Homs (Qasioun) – Syrian opposition’s Maghawir Al-Thawra faction published a video footage for the clashes running between their forces and US-Led Coalition against the Syrian regime forces backed up by Iranian militias near Tanaf base eastern Homs.


    The footage shows fighters from Maghawir Al-Thawra army while defeating the Syrian regime forces near the military base, without any information received about casualties or injuries amid the Syrian regime front-lines.


    The US-Led Coalition conducted airstrikes on Thursday and targeted a Syrian regime convoy near Tanaf base, which led to casualties amid their front-lines in addition to destroying military vehicles.


    Noteworthy that Russian ministry of defense accused the U.S. forces in Tanaf for halting the Russian military operation to eliminate ISIS group in the area.


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