Syrian Regime Official Threatening Trump And Jordanian King With Death

Agencies (Qasioun) – The General «Bahjat Sulaiman» the former interior intelligence chief in Syria and Syrian fired ambassador from Jordan, threatened the U.S. president «Donald Trump» and Jordanian King «Abdullah II» by assassination.


Sulaiman announced on his official twitter account “if there are some from Trump administration talking about toppling Assad, then Trump will not live for long time”


Sulaiman launched a wave of threatening messages to the Jordanian king «Abdullah II» which he described him as “Israel weapon”, he said “Jordanian king Abdullah II will be in danger if he accepted to be Israel weapon”


Sulaiman mocked The Jordanian king Abdullah II with an Israeli name, he said “Abdullah Al-Gadaon” is an Israeli tool which appeared to be an Israeli tool and used recently southern Syria.