Soon … Marriage Offices From Syrian Female Refugees In The Libyan Cities

Tripoli (Qasioun) – In Libya, a new phenomenon began to appear in Benghazi city to facilitate the marriage from several women and girls from Syrian migrated families that fled to Libya due to the torn-war in Syria that sparked since 2011.


Leaks from the phenomenon announced by rights organizations said “the process of marriage from Syrian females became systemized via some offices in Benghazi to carry out the process between the Libyan man and Syrian female, in exchange for money” in addition to another ways for marriage via some “mediators by normal people and competing prices for those from the offices”


It is noteworthy from the coming news that some people willing to open some branches for the marriage offices in another provinces such as “The Libyan capital city of Tripoli, Mesrata, Zawya, and villages in Nafosa mount”


According to the Libyan statements, the youth Libyan males are running after the marriage from Syrian females as the wedding expenses from a Libyan female became very expensive.