Activists Urge Germany To Reward Leipzig’s Syrian Heroes

Agencies (Qasioun) – Local media sources, magazines, newspapers and analysts were calling Germany to honour and reward the 3 Syrian refugees who helped the police find “Jaber Al-Bakr” – the ISIS-linked terrorist who was believed to be planning to bomb Berlin airport in Germany –


Bild newspaper dubbed the 3 Syrian refugees as “Syrian heroes of Leipzig”


Politicians from across the spectrum recommended them for the Federal Cross of Merit, a rank in Germany's civilian honours system.


Ansgar Heveling, chairman of the parliamentary committee on interior affairs, went a step further and called on them to be granted asylum.


Fellow Syrian refugees have also taken to social media to praise their compatriots.


One of the 3 heroes told RTL television during an interview “I was furious with him, I couldn't accept something like this - especially here in Germany, the country that opened its doors to us”


Noteworthy that police had been watching “Jaber Al-Bakr” for months, but he evaded police surveillance on Saturday in the eastern German city of Chemnitz when he made his way south to Leipzig and asked for help and shelter from the trio, just as the authorities were preparing to storm an apartment where he was staying.