Syrian Tailor Saves A Canadian Bride’s Wedding

Gaziantep (Qasioun) – A Canadian bride Jo Do was wearing her dress in wedding day’s morning, but something happened made her unable to continue wearing her dress and messed her day before the wedding.


Jo’s bridesmaids said that her zip broke while she was wearing her dress, and this needs a tailor who can fix it.


The wedding was in Guelph city in southwestern Ontario where they don’t know any tailor in the city, till one of Jo’s friends went to their neighbor and asked for help and made a great discovery.


The wedding photographer “Lindsay Coulter” was in the scene and wrote on her Facebook page about one of the bridesmaid “She came back with a handful of tools and some interesting information, the next door neighbor was hosting a family of Syrian refugees and the father was a master tailor and would be happy to help if we weren't successful.”


A few minutes later the neighbour, David Hobson, called round, bringing with him the tailor, Ibrahim Halil Dudu, and his son.


Mr Dudu and the boy had been Canada for just four days and, not speaking English, had been communicating with his hosts via Google Translate.


He set about fixing the wedding dress with his sewing kit, as Ms Coulter captured the moment on camera.


Speaking later to reporters through a translator, Mr Dudu said: “I was so excited and so happy. I like to help Canadian people from my heart.”


Earl Lee, the groom, told CTV: "We’re so lucky that happened to us."


Writing on Facebook Ms Coulter said: “Every weekend I take photos of people on the happiest days of their lives, and today one man who has seen some of the worst things our world has to offer came to the rescue.