A Million Signature Campaign For Detainees In Syrian Prisons

Agencies (Qasioun) – The International Conscience Movement, meant with the detainees case inside the Syrian regime prisons, launched the one-million-signature campaign to highlight the crisis of Syrian female detainees and stand with them till releasing them.


The movement’s spokesman, Murat Yilmaz, told Anadolu Agency that more than 7,000 children and women detained in Assad regime’s prisons.


He added that their target to collect one million signature and send it to the United Nations and the guarantors of Astana negotiations, to cooperate in releasing the detainees.


The International Conscience Movement are supported by more than 2,000 Civil society organizations inside and outside Turkey, in addition to cooperation of activists from more than 105 countries around the world.


Yilmaz said that the war in Syria since 2011 witnessed lot of massacres and led to displace more than 12 Million inside and outside Syria, in addition to one million people who were killed.


He cleared that Assad regime used all kind of excessive violence, and all kind of weapons including the Chemical one against the opposers, which led to commit crimes against Humanity and said that Syrian prisons witnessed lot of tragidies.


“According to the information we have, there are 220 – 450 Thousnad Detainees in Syrian prison, and facing all kind of torturing, violence and rapping” adding that “More than 100,000 were killed inside these prisons.”


He expressed his hope that the campaign would help to release all the detainees from the children and women inside the Syrian regime prisons, without any pre-conditions, and ended his speech by calling all people to join the campaign and sign the petition on the following website www.consciencemovement.org