Former Detainee Tells Horrific Details About The Syrian Regime Prisons

Agencies (Qasioun) – A Former Syrian Female detainee revealed several events witnessed and faced during the time she spent in the Syrian regime prisons.


The former detainee, Samar Al-Khaled, said that “Children’s scream sounds due to the torture in Syrian regime prisons prevents us from sleeping.”


She added “the one who detained me ordered me to walk without making any wrong movement, if I try to escape he will kill me, my family and children are detained too, you’re the only one outside.”


“I wondered where I am, it was cold and they moved me to another cell, I was afraid and always wondering about the fate of my children and family.” She continued.


Al-Khaled said “after waiting for 2 hours, the investigator told me that I am a member of an armed group, and I should reveal the location of this group, and told me that – I am betrayal – “


It should be noted that number of detainees in the Syrian regime prisons who were tortured reached 13,500, including 7,000 still held in prisons.