Sunday Times Reveal UK’s SAS Fought In Syria

Agencies (Qasioun) - The UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed that its Special Air Service (SAS) have been participating in operations against ISIS in Syria, The Sunday Times reported citing results a freedom of information request. The request was made in light of the death of SAS soldier, Sergeant Matt Tonroe in Syria in 2018.


According to the media, the wording "British forces embedded in the armed forces of other nations operate as if they were the host nation's personnel" justified the presence of British special forces in Syria, while officially the UK never sanctioned ground operations.


The British parliament voted on 3 December 2015, 397 to 223 votes in favor of participating in the US-led coalition in Syria by sending its air forces to conduct airstrikes. However, the approved notion contained no mention of sending Special Forces or other military to the Arab state.


Source: Sunday Times, Sputnik