Several HTS Fighters Assassinated In Idlib

Idlib (Qasioun) – Several Assassination processes were carried out by gunmen on Friday and led to kill more than 20 fighters followed to Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham HTS in Idlib city northern Syria.


Local media sources said that one fighter was killed near Daret Azza city western Aleppo, in addition to 3 fighters between Hazano and Sarmada areas, one fighter in Maaret Masrin, 3 in Harem area and 3 in Khan Al-Sobol area.


However, 13 people were reportedly killed on Friday after a car-bomb targeted a checkpoint run by HTS in Idlib city northern Syria.


Qasioun News correspondent said that the car bomb targeted Al-Motlaq checkpoint run by HTS in the southern part of the city in front of Ma’saret Ghassan Abbo area, the correspondent added that explosion led to kill 13 people including fighters from HTS and civilians.