Israeli Airstrikes Hit Southern Syria And Lebanon … How Media Reacted?


(Qasioun) - Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes on late Tuesday and targeted arms and ammunition depots west of Syrian capital city of Damascus.


Syrian regime media sources said that airstrikes were launched from the Lebanese airspace and led to injure 3 regime troops, adding that the airstrikes targeted Hezbollah depots.


Lebanese Media

The Lebanese authorities said that Israeli warplanes carried out an attack on late Tuesday and launched “fake airstrikes” that targeted several areas southern Lebanon and Buqa’a areas eastern Lebanon.

Lebanese official agency, National news agency, said that “Israeli warplanes are carrying out fake airstrikes since 21:50 Local Time (18:50 GMT) and hovering on low altitude in Nabatya airspace and Tufah territory southern Lebanon.”

It added that “Attacking warplanes dropped thermo balloons while hovering over Soor area’s airspace.”

“The warplanes violated the airspace from the sea and crossed over several areas towards Nabatya area and Tufah territory.”


Syrian regime media

Syrian regime media sources quoted from military source that “Israeli warplanes launched missiles on targets near Damascus on Tuesday and injured 3 troops,”

The military source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that “Our air defenses defeated attacking missiles launched by the Israeli warplanes from the Lebanese airspace.”

The source added “The attack led to damages in arms depot and injured 3 troops.”


Israeli and US media

Israeli media sources said that Israeli airstrikes on Damascus last night targeted senior officials from Hezbollah militant group who were on a plane preparing to head to Iran.

The information was given to Newsweek from a Department of Defense source with access to the information from Israeli senior military officers with direct knowledge of the attack. Israel's air strike was conducted minutes after the leaders boarded a plane bound for Iran.

Several Iranian ammunition supply points were also a target of the bombing, the source said. The supply points contained valuable, GPS-guided ammunition from 2017, some of the best available to the Iranian army and Hezbollah.

However, the U.S. official who spoke to Newsweek said that Israel initiated the attack.

"An aerial defense system was activated against an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria,” a military spokesperson said in a statement reported by The Associated Press.

According to the site Flightradar24.com, the Boeing 747-281F left Damascus and flew due east towards Tehran, climbing to 30,000 feet and then crossing into Iraq after ten in the evening.

By midnight it had entered Iranian airspace and began a beeline for Tehran. A second Tehran bound flight, Maham Air took off at 10:04 in the evening and flew precisely the same route. The Far Air Qeshm flight has been in the news in the past in relation to alleged smuggling of arms to Syria and also to Damascus. Al-Arabiya claimed that it transferred weapons to Hezbollah in early December.  In October, FoxNews carried a similar report.


Sources: Haaretz, Newsweek, Reuters, NNA, The Jerusalem Post, others