Get To Know The Assassination Team Of Jamal Khashoggi (Pictures + Video)


Agencies (Qasioun) – Turkish media sources quoted from security sources the pictures and names of the 15-member-team who were existing in the Saudi consulate in Riyadh during the existance of Jamal Khashoggi inside.


The team arrived from Riyadh on 2 aircrafts on Tuesday's dawn and were inside the consulate while Khashoggi was inside, later they headed on the same aircrafts in the same day from Istanbul and headed towards Cairo and Dubai.


The team consist of 15 members including commanders, soldiers and Saudi security officials:

Masha'al Sa'ad Al-Bustany – 3rd lieutenant in Navy forces

Salah Mohammed Tabiqy - Director of Forensic Medicine at the General Directorate of Social Evidence in Public Security.

Nayef Hassan Arify

Mohammed Sa'ad Zahrany

Mansour Othman AbaHussein – Commander in Civil Defense

Khaled Ayed Al-Teiby

Abdulaziz Mohammed Hassawy

Walid Abdullah Al-Shahry – Commander in Air Forces

Turky Mushref Al-Shahry

Thaer Ghaleb Al-Harby

Maher Abdulaziz Metreb

Fah Shabib Al-Balwy

Badr Lafy Al-Otaiby

Mostafa Mohammed Al-Madany

Saif Sa'ad Al-Qahtany

Security report said that suitcases and luggage carried by the team while arriving and departing Istanbul's Ataturk airport, was inspected by the security guard at airport and exposed them to the scanning machine, and he asserted that they didn't find anything suspicious during the inspection process.