Egypt, Emirates Maybe Involved In Khashoggi Murder – Turkish Newspaper

Agencies (Qasioun) – Turkish security investigations revealed that a group consisting of 13 people have arrived on 2 private jets from the Saudi capital city of Riyadh and entered the Saudi Consulate while the Saudi Journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, was inside.


Security sources said that 2 private jets carrying 13 people on board arrived to Istanbul on Tuesday's dawn 2 October via Ataturk airport, and then headed to the Saudi Consulate using different cars.


Security sources in Ataturk airport said that the 2 private jets left with the group onboard in the same day from Istanbul.


The sources indicated that one of the jets took off towards Egypt and the next day it headed to the Saudi capital Riyadh, the second jet headed on late Tuesday to Dubai.


The 13 people who were existing inside the consulate, while Khashoggi was inside, were not subjected for inspection inside the airport as they have diplomatic immunity, and their luggage were not investigated while entering or leaving Istanbul, according to official security source.


New investigations reveal whether Emirates and Egypt have fingerprints behind the murder of assassinating Khashoggi.


Turkish media officials, including Editor-in-chief of Yeni Safak Ibrahim Karagol, said that Israel's Musad, also, may have fingerprints behind the murder, describing the way it happened as an Israeli mentality.