Man Scammed Syrian Refugees In Gaziantep

Agencies (Qasioun) – Dozens of Syrians in Turkey's Gaziantep city who planned to perform Hajj were subjected to a scam by a Syrian refugee who collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from them before disappearing without a trace.


Activists reported that 96 refugees, most of them from Palmyra town, had been subjected to a massive scam. The refugee, who attributed himself to the Bilqis Relief Society, claimed that he was able to provide Hajj visas to the Syrians in Gaziantep and appointed several trusted sheikhs to be his agents in securing the largest number of civilians who wants to perform Hajj this year.


The activist Mohsen Hassan told Zaman Al-Wasl that "Scammer called Alaa Deek born in Aleppo 1986 and promoted for the fake campaign that attracted huge number of Syrians for many reasons, the most important of these is that the price is attractive compared to the rest of the campaigns, where the registration was opened for $1,700 per person, including all the expenses of Hajj and flight tickets.


He continued that the scammer managed to manipulate 150 victims, 96 of whom gave him money during the fake registration, and the rest delayed payment and survived the process.


The source added that scamming victims, after approaching the date of travel pilgrims began to equip themselves and purchase the requirements of Hajj and travel, and when they tried to contact the scammer to make sure the date of travel, victims were surprised that scammer escaped with his family from the city of Gaziantep to an unknown location so far and turned off his phones and accounts.


The scammer escaped with the amount of $163,200, to discover that they were subjected to a scamming process


The victims complained the scammer the Turkish police, to begin the search for him to arrest him before fleeing abroad.


The victims appealed to all the honorable Syrians in Turkey to help arrest him. Anyone who sees or knows his location, please inform the nearest police station.


Scammer name: Alaa Deek

Father name: Ibrahim

Mother Name: Lamyaa

Date & Place of birth: Aleppo 08-09-1986

TC Kimlik No.: 99719385720