Daraa Returns To The Military Scene After The Negotiations Failed

Daraa (Qasioun) – The Syrian opposition forces could destroy a T72 tank for the Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias using an anti-tank TOW missile near the airbase front western Daraa Al-Balad.


The Syrian opposition's joint operations command southern Syria said that Syrian regime lost a tank during the running battles in Daraa Al-Balad as Syrian opposition attempts to defeat the Syrian regime attacks on the airbase and re-capture the areas lost recently.


The joint command added that Syrian regime and their backing up militias lost contact with the group fighting on the airbase front during their search for their dead-bodies around Dar Badra position.


Noteworthy that Syrian opposition forces could capture Dar Badra military point near the airbase western Daraa Al-Balad after violent battles against the Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias.



The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) on Thursday warned that 320,000 people have been displaced by increased hostilities in southwest Syria while another 750,000 risk being caught in the crossfire.


The UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said he was gravely concerned for the welfare of civilians and humanitarian aid workers in Daraa province, a region of opposition-held Syria on the Jordanian border.


The border is currently closed but it has been the scene in recent weeks of an escalating government campaign of airstrikes and artillery fire, Efe news reported.


"An estimated 750,000 lives are in danger. More than 320,000 people are now displaced. Most are living in dire and insecure conditions, including some 60,000 people camped at the Nasib/Jaber border crossing with Jordan," Grandi said.


"There are large numbers of women and children among the displaced. There are elderly, injured and sick people and I am especially concerned about them," he continued, adding that the volatile security situation in the region was hampering UN efforts to deliver humanitarian and assistance.


He said the conflict left many residents of Daraa with no option but to seek shelter in neighbouring Jordan.


The Hashemite Kingdom, which has taken in roughly one million refugees since the outbreak of civil war in Syria, recently announced the closure of its frontier.


Grandi thanked Amman for its assistance and urged it to once again offer temporary relief to those caught in Daraa violence.


He said the international community should support Jordan and warned that thousands of lives would be lost if urgent action was not taken.



The Russian warplanes broke into the Jordanian airspace on early Wednesday while conducting airstrikes on Nasib town and its crossing border on the Syrian – Jordanian borders.


The Syrian regime warplanes carried out more than 25 airstrikes on Sayda town in the eastern countryside of Daraa, which led to kill 6 people from one family, in addition to bombing Tafas city western Daraa.


The Syrian regime forces and their backing up militias escalated the military and air operations on the eastern and western countryside of Daraa, after the negotiations failed between the Syrian opposition forces and Russians in Busra Al-Sham city.


The Syrian regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs over Sayda town in the eastern countryside of Daraa, in addition to hundreds of artillery bombs and rocket launchers, simultaneously while carrying out military operations on the town.




The Syrian opposition forces could cause huge losses in regime's artillery and soldiers on Thursday on the fronts of eastern and western countrysides of Daraa.


The Syrian opposition could eliminate more than 37 regime soldiers following a counter-offensive on the airbase front western Daraa Al-Balad.


Moreover, more than 15 regime soldiers were eliminated by the Syrian opposition forces in Sayda town eastern Daraa, as regime attempted to storm the town from the eastern side.


Meanwhile, Russian warplanes and Syrian regime helicopters bombarded Sayda town, in addition to the intensive shelling by the rocket launchers and heavy artillery.