Battles Running And Syrian Opposition Shoot Down A Regime Warplane Eastern Daraa

Daraa (Qasioun) – The Syrian opposition forces shoot down a Syrian regime warplane on Tuesday near Maliha Sharqya town in the eastern countryside of Daraa, eyewitnesses said that they saw the pilot while landing with his parachute near villages of Suwaidaa province.


Moreover, violent clashes broke out between the Syrian regime forces and Syrian opposition forces around Busr Al-Harir town after the Syrian regime announced capturing the town, and Syrian opposition forces aim to re-capture it.


Meanwhile, Syrian regime helicopters dropped barrel bombs over Hirak and Nahta towns, in addition to the shelling with artillery and missiles by the Syrian regime forces that targeted Ibtee, Nahta and Hirak towns eastern Daraa.


Noteworthy that villages and towns of the eastern countryside of Daraa witnessing a wide military escalation for more than one week by the Syrian regime forces and Russian forces, where the civil defense in Daraa documented more than 205 airstrikes by the Russian warplanes and more than 110 barrel bombs dropped by the Syrian regime helicopters, and 88 Elephant rockets and hundreds of a variety of missiles and rockets.