Jayesh Al-Thawra In Daraa Denies Negotiations With Russians

Daraa (Qasioun) – The official spokesman of Jayesh Al-Thawra southern Syria, Abu Bakr Al-Hassan, denied on Tuesday any negotiations with Russians to hand over all its heavy artillery and entrance of Russian military police to Daraa «These lies will not change the reality of something.


Al-Hassan told Qasioun News Agency that what Russian Sputnik news agency reported are not true, he said "we can't look to the statements from the Russian official and non-official media except from the side that it is an ally for the Syrian regime media sources in its media war that targets the revolutionists and locals southern Syria"


Jayesh Al-Thawra spokesman added that "As it is known that in the southern region was located half of the Syrian army and hundreds of tanks and guns and vehicles owned by the Free Army in the south resulted from dozens of victories over the past years and we will not hand over one gun or a pinch of land that cost the blood of our people a lot.


It should be noted that the Russian news agency Sputnik quoted sources on Tuesday, news of the conclusion of international agreements on the south of Syria.


"The tripartite Russian-US-Jordanian meeting on the region of reducing the southern escalation in Syria may take up to a week at a maximum," the source told the agency without giving his name. "The Syrian opposition will hand over all its heavy artillery to Russia and keep its light weapons. Russian military police to Daraa"