Local Council Established In Jandiris Town In Syria's Afrin

Aleppo (Qasioun) – A Local council was established and includes civilians from Jandiris town in Afrin city held by the Syrian opposition forces in the military operation of «Olive Branch».


The local council was formed through voting where Arabs and Kurds joined the elections that choose Subhy Rezk as a president for it, the council consist of 15 members including 4 Arabs and 11 Kurds.


The council aims to offer the services for local residents and strengthening the infrastructure of schools and fixing the waterlines, in addition to the security concerns.


Similar local council was established in Afrin city on 12 April and included Arabs, Turkmen and Kurds.


The Chief of Kurdish National council in Syria, Soud Al-Mulla, expressed his support to the local council established in Afrin city.