In Addition To Ghouta, The Besieged Countryside Of Homs Bombed Heavily .....Casualties Reported

Homs (Qasioun) - Four people were killed and 10 others were wounded on Monday by Syrian regime attack on the Jiburin front in northern Homs countryside.


On Monday morning, two people had been killed by the regime forces on the Samalil road in the Hula area in the northern countryside of Homs. The civil defense teams are working to rescue the wounded to the field hospital and to secure the places of shelling.


It is worth mentioning that the forces of the regime have intensified on the previous days the artillery shelling on the neighborhoods of Burj Qai and Al-Farhanieh villages in the north of Homs. Mortars also shelled residential neighborhoods in the western village of Taiba in Al-Hula area, north of Homs.