The Hezbollah Militia Withdraws From The Battles Of The Hermon In The Syrian Countryside

Damascus (Qasioun) - Lebanese militia Hezbollah withdrew this morning from military operations in the Hermon region of the Syrian countryside.


This came after major differences with the fourth division, led by Colonel «Ghayat Dallah» after the Syrian opposition factions captured ten elements of Syrian regime from the forth division on the outskirts of Kafr Hour in the western Ghouta.


The number of fighters that the opposition factions have managed to capture from their families in the last two days has reached more than 25, most of whom are from the 4th Brigade.


It is worth mentioning that the Syrian opposition factions managed to control several military positions yesterday, following a pre-emptive attack on the positions of the Syrian regime, near the hill of Bardaia in the western Ghouta.