Syrian Opposition Factions Push Back The Syrian Regime Attack On The Northern Countryside Of Hama

Hama (Qasioun) – Haet Tahrir Sham,HTS, on Sunday repelled the attempt of the Syrian regime to advance on the fronts of the northern countryside of Hama, in conjunction with intensive bombing of the latter.


HTS announced that it had pushed back an attack by the regime on AlMusherafah and Zafaria fronts on the Umtrika side of the northern district of Hama. According to the military commander of HTS in the northern suburb of Hama, Abu Hzayfah al-Homsi, more than 20 members of the regime were killed and others injured.


Al-Homsi added that "Assad army tried for the third day in a row to advance towards points on the AlMusherafah front, but all attempts failed."


The military operations between opposition groups and the regime forces supported by foreign militias continue in the eastern Hama countryside.