Syrian Regime Suffers Huge Loses In Hama Countryside

Hama (Qasioun) - More than 30 members of the regime and its foriegn militia were killed and wounded on Tuesday in battles with the opposition factions in eastern Hama.


According to local sources, the forces of the regime tried to advance towards the village of Al-Zafriya and the hill «Siriatl», asserting that the factions of the opposition pushed them backkilling some some of the regime fighters.


The sources added that the opposition factions stoppeb a similar attempt from the village of Umm Turkiya towards the village of Al-Musheirfa and Abu Dali, without information on the size of the losses of the parties.


It is noteworthy that opposition factions managed to regain control of the area of Abu Laf after exploding a car bomb in the positions of the Syrian regime, leading to the fall of a number of fighters between dead and wounded in eastern countryside of Hama