The French Ambassador “Hameimim Meeting Is Rejected And Worthless Without The Presence Of The Opposition”

Agencies (Qasioun) - The French ambassador to the seventh round of Astana confirmed that the conference of the "Peoples of Syria" organized by the Russian base of Hameimim in Syria is totally unacceptable.


The Ambassador pointed out during a meeting with the delegation of the military revolution forces this morning that: "Whoever organizes the conference is an occupier, and the place of the meeting is a military base, this is unacceptable," according to the delegation of the revolutionary forces.


"Any meeting without your presence is of no value, you will sign any final solution," the French ambassador told the Syrian opposition.


The agenda of the meetings today and tomorrow in Astana will cover the files of the observer forces in the area of reducing tension in Idlib province in detail by the guarantor states and the file of the detainees, which was postponed from the previous conference.