Violent Battles Running Between SDF And ISIS In Deir Ezzor
Agencies (Qasioun) – Syrian opposition sources said that the violent battles are continuing between the Islamic state ISIS and Syrian democratic forces SDF militant groups in Baghouz farms..
OPCW Says Chlorine Was Used İn Damascus’s Douma Southern Syria
Agencies (Qasioun) - The global chemical weapons watchdog said Friday it found "reasonable grounds" that chlorine was used as a weapon in a deadly attack on the Syrian town of Douma last year.  ..
A Million Signature Campaign For Detainees In Syrian Prisons
Agencies (Qasioun) – The International Conscience Movement, meant with the detainees case inside the Syrian regime prisons, launched the one-million-signature campaign to highlight the crisis..
Former Detainee Tells Horrific Details About The Syrian Regime Prisons
Agencies (Qasioun) – A Former Syrian Female detainee revealed several events witnessed and faced during the time she spent in the Syrian regime prisons.   The former detainee, Samar..
Land Mine Explodes In Deir Ezzor, One Civilian Killed
Agencies (Qasioun) – Local media sources reported that One civilian was killed after a land mine exploded in Deir Ezzor countryside.   Euphrates Post reported that the civilian, Kassar..
US Offers $1 Million Reward To Find Osama Bin Laden's Son
Agencies (Qasioun) - The United States on Thursday offered a $1 million reward for information on a son of late Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, seeing him as an emerging face of extremism.   T..
Singapore Plans To Buy Four F-35 Jets With Option For Eight More
Agencies (Qasioun) - Singapore plans to buy an initial four F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin Corp, with an option to purchase eight more, as it looks to replace its ageing F-16 fleet, the..
US Urges For New Elections In Venezuela
Agencies (Qasioun) - Forcing a possible United Nations showdown with Russia over the Venezuela crisis, the United States distributed a resolution on Wednesday calling for “free, fair and..
US’s Pentagon Urges Pakistan And India To De-Escalate Tensions
Agencies (Qasioun) - The Pentagon is urging India and Pakistan to back off future military attacks following the first Indian airstrike into Pakistan since 1971.   Acting Defense Secretary..
Iran's President Rejects The Resignation Of His Foreign Minister
Agencies (Qasioun) - Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has rejected the resignation of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, according to the country's semi-official Fars news agency.   ..

Syrian Regime Approves Iranian Settlement-Projects
Agencies (Qasioun) – The President of the Contractors Association in Tehran, Irej Rahbar, said on Sunday that Iran willing to build 200,000 Residential apartments in Syria.   Tasnim News..
Afghanistan’s Taliban And U.S. Set To Begin Highest-Level Talks
Agencies (Qasioun) - The highest-level negotiations yet between American diplomats and the Taliban are expected to begin in Qatar’s capital on Monday, with the presence of the Afghan insurgents&..
Sunday Times Reveal UK’s SAS Fought In Syria
Agencies (Qasioun) - The UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed that its Special Air Service (SAS) have been participating in operations against ISIS in Syria, The Sunday Times reported citing results..
Turkey’s Army Ready For Aleppo’s Manbij And Eastern Euphrates Op. Northern Syria
Agencies (Qasioun) - Turkey’s Defense Minister said on Sunday that the country’s armed forces were ready to intervene in the areas in northern Syria controlled by terrorist groups.  ..
SDF Carries Out Wide Detention Campaign Eastern Deir Ezzor
Deir Ezzor (Qasioun) – Local media sources  that a security force followed to the Syrian Democratic forces SDF militant group carried out a raid operation and detention campaigns in..
International Calls To Protect Civilians Fleeing ISIS Held Areas In Syria’s Deir Ezzor
Agencies (Qasioun) – The Human rights watch said that protecting the civilians fleeing ISIS last stronghold in Baghouz town, Deir Ezzor province eastern Syria, should be the priority of the..
Trump Agrees To Keep About 400 US Troops In Syria, Official Says
Agencies (Qasioun) - President Donald Trump has agreed to keep about 400 US troops in Syria after the withdrawal of most US forces there this spring, a senior administration official said Friday. &nb..
Casualties Reported As Syrian Regime Bombard Idlib Countryside
(Qasioun) – 5 Children and one woman were killed and others injured during shelling with missiles by the Syrian regime forces on Friday, where it targeted Maaret Al-Numan city in Idlib countrysi..
Syrian Regime Deploys Reinforcements In Suwaidaa
Agencies (Qasioun) – Local media sources said that Syrian regime forces deployed military reinforcements to Suwaidaa province during the past 2 days, as analysts wonders the aim of such..
Syrian Regime Provokes Syrian Opposition Northern Aleppo, What Is The Reason?
  (Qasioun) – Syrian regime continue provoking the Syrian opposition forces which is located around Aleppo from the northern side, where it bombarded Huraitan, Anadan, Hayan and Bayanon..
Casualties Among YPG Militant Group In Ain Al-Arab
Aleppo (Qasioun) – An explosion occurred on late Thursday near Ain Al-Arab city in the northern countryside of Aleppo, which led to casualties among the Kurdish People’s Defense units YPG..
US Asylum Policy Endangers Migrants' Lives, Groups Say
Agencies (Qasioun) - A coalition of immigrant advocacy groups is asking a federal judge for a restraining order that would block the Trump administration from forcing asylum seekers to stay in Mexico..
Syrian Regime Bombard Hama, One Woman Killed And Injuries Reported
Agencies (Qasioun) – One Woman killed and 2 others injured on Thursday’s dawn as the Syrian regime continue bombarding Zakat village in the northern countryside of Hama.   The..
Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS In Syria Is Not Welcomed By US Authorities
Agencies (Qasioun) - An Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State group in Syria won't be allowed to return to the United States with her toddler son because she is not an American citizen, the..
ISIS Security Official Detained During An Air Raid In Deir Ezzor
Deir Ezzor (Qasioun) – The US-Led Coalition forces could detain on Wednesday a security personnel for ISIS dubbed as “Al-Kais” accompanied with 3 others in Deir Ezzor countryside. &..