Turkish relief agency sends 200 trucks carrying humanitarian aid to Syria

The Turkish Humanitarian Relief Agency (IHH) announced today, Friday, the dispatch of 200 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid to Syria, on the occasion of Human Rights Day.

According to "Anadolu Agency", the dispatch of aid comes within the framework of the "Winter at the Door! Don't Leave Them Alone" campaign launched by Al-Hay’a in November in all Turkish provinces.

For his part, the mayor of "Umraniye" district in Istanbul, Ismet Yildirim, said that Turkey is at the top of the countries that provide the largest amount of humanitarian aid.

He continued, "The commission aims to send 1,500 trucks of humanitarian aid (for the needy in Syria), 200 trucks were sent previously, and today it sends 200 trucks from all states."

In turn, a member of the authority's board of directors, Muhammad Keskin, said: "This year, we launched a relief campaign for the oppressed Syrians who live in tents in harsh winter conditions."

He added, "On this special day (Human Rights Day), humanitarian aid trucks from 81 provinces" set off for Syria.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Agency (IHH) announced last month that it would send 1,500 trucks of humanitarian aid to northern Syria during the winter season.