The regime forces launch a raids campaign in Dael city, north of Daraa

Last night, the regime forces, with support Air Force Intelligence personnel, launched a raid campaign to the farms surrounding Dael city in the central countryside of Daraa, in addition to reinforcing their checkpoints in and around the city in expectation of any new targeting, especially since unknown persons attacked the regime several times last period.

"Daraa 24" network indicated that the raid took place in the middle of the night, without any news of the reason for that, and without recording any arrest cases until the morning of Monday, May 3.

The network added, according to witnesses, that new reinforcements arrived today to the military checkpoints in the city, where the number of elements has been increased and reinforced.

In turn, Ahrar Horan gathering said that the checkpoints and security headquarters of the Air Force Intelligence in Dael city have witnessed since yesterday a security alert, which coincided with fire from anti-aircraft guns that were heard in the vicinity of the city.

Regarding the reason for these developments, local sources from Daraa told Radio Al-Kul, that the regime forces are afraid of the presence of former members of the Free Army and cells of ISIS in the farms surrounding Dael.